Why Join Pointe Fitness

Pointe Fitness from its inception has been entirely about working out. Many fitness offerings in today’s fitness industry are about the business of selling you fitness. From advertised, ultra cheap memberships to over the top and expensive health clubs, the public is constantly being sold.

Although Pointe Fitness relies on membership dues to support its existence we are not in the business of trying to pressure you into to being here. Our members are here because they want to be not because we talked them into it.

Pointe Fitness is a club made up of people who are here to workout. Everybody has different fitness goals and we want to be sure the tools are provided to reach those goals. We’ve created a fitness environment that is also a fitness education environment. We’ve done that by providing great equipment, a staff that is qualified and knows what they’re doing and answers your questions, a variety of fitness classes and most importantly a membership made up of courteous and helpful people who are here to “workout.”

It’s unlike anything you would be able to get at home and is more supportive and helpful than any other club you would consider. We are different than most so if you take the idea of working out seriously than that’s why you should join us.

We offer fitness classes, training, rehab, cardio, fitness classes and even have a basketball court right next to our weight room. We are located in Harper Woods and conveniently serve members from all surrounding areas including St Clair Shores, Grosse Pointe, Grosse Pointe Woods, Grosse Pointe Shores, East Detroit, Warren, Roseville, and all of Southeast, Michigan.

  • Point Fitness, Fitness and Training Center in South East, MIWelcome to Pointe Fitness, recently voted as the BEST GYM in the Detroit area
  • Point Fitness half-court basketball area, Southeast, MIWe have a half-court basketball area right next to our weight room. It is surrounded by a 10-foot chain link fence that provides a playground effect.
  • Point Fitness expansive cardio area, equipment for everybody. Harper Woods, St Clair Shores and East Detroit, MIOur expansive cardio area has been designed for lots of capacity. We always want to be sure that we have plenty of equipment for our members to use when they arrive.

About Us

Ken, Owner of Point Fitness Gym and Fitness Center located in Southeast, MichiganPointe Fitness and Training was born in February 1995. At the time there were no gyms on the East Side, Pointe Fitness was the first. Since then, 18 years and counting, Pointe Fitness has grown from a 3,000 sq.ft. store front on Mack Ave to a 21,000 sq, ft. facility in Harper Woods with all the training options a person could want including basketball and spinning.

In that time frame there have also been competitors pop up who have tried to copy Pointe Fitness but to duplicate the essence of Pointe Fitness is impossible. We are unique in our approach to our members and to training as well as our layout.

In the time we’ve been in business we’ve supported or contributed to hundreds of events and charities. For the last 3 years we have been a go to site for the American Red Cross blood drives held on most holidays when donations are hard to get. Pointe Fitness members always come through. We have also worked with the Pink Blessings Foundation, providing support for Breast Cancer patients. For the past year we’ve worked with the Judson Center providing employment for special needs individuals and we have been involved with the Grosse Pointe Animal Adoption.

Pointe Fitness is also partnered with the Detroit Medical Center’s Rehab institute of Michigan and the DMC Sports Performance Academy is located on site at Pointe Fitness. They provide the best treatment for sports injuries and other rehab situations.

Pointe Fitness is continually looking for ways to grow and improve and takes great pride in being “the” Training center in the Grosse Pointe Area.