30 minutes of challenging moves for the abdomen and gluteus area. Get ready for a flat tummy and awesome booty!

BARRE (Booty blast b.a.r.)

Booty Blast B.A.R. is a ballet-inspired workout that utilizes a combination of ballet, aerobic steps and resistance exercises to improve cardiovascular health, muscle flexibility, muscle endurance, core strength and balance.

Buff Body

A strength training class taught by a personal trainer, focused on developing proper form. Great for beginners looking to gain experience in lifting weights.

Cardio Mix

A challenging 55-minute class that combines various elements of cardio fitness with strength and toning moves.

Cardio Tone

A combination of HILO (hi-low impact aerobics) and toning.


This class does it all! Aerobic conditioning, strength training and stretching are integrated for a full-body workout. Along with short blasts of cardio and plyometric movements, there are a variety of exercises to hit all major muscle groups.


Low-impact cardio, strength, flexibility and balance for beginners for season participants.


A 55-minute intense cardio class. Participants will master all types of punches (jab, cross, hook, etc.) and kicks (roundhouse, side kick, etc.) while toning and burning calories. Core work may be added to complete the full body workout.


MixxedFit is a people-inspired dance fitness program that is a mix of explosive dancing and bootcamp toning (HIP HOP).


Pilates is a method of body conditioning that yields positive results for people of all ages. It emphasizes the uniform development of all muscle groups while promoting flexibility, circulation, and skeletal alignment.


A low-impact, high-intensity workout with fluid transitions that combines the muscle sculpting, core firming benefits of Pilates and Yoga.


You will get your heart pumping; target your upper body; strengthen your core, back, legs and glutes; and improve your agility, coordination and speed.


Hardcore, indoor cycling! Be ready for 50 of the most challenging minutes of your day! This high-intensity cardio workout provides many benefits as it increases aerobic capacity, strengthens your heart, strengthens your immune system, helps prevent injury, and improves fat metabolism and body composition.


A step bench is used to increase your intensity during your cardiovascular is the focus, but more advanced power moves and polymeric training may be incorporated to enhance your aerobic conditioning.


This 20-minute, feel-good class is a great way to end your workout and/or start your day. It incorporates simple Yoga and Tai Chi movements to enhance flexibility.

TNT (Tighten and tone)

This workout takes inches off the body by doing stationary exercises that focus on different muscle groups and light cardio. Dumbbells, resistance bands and steps may be used. The focus is on low weights and high repetitions.


The emphasis of practicing yoga is using mental focus, conscious relaxed breathing, numerous postures and movements, and meditation to work the mind, body and soul. The class will help to improve a person’s awareness of their total self to allow more inner peace, patience, flexibility and to improve strength and health. Yoga increases spinal flexibility, improving nerve communication, massages every organ, stimulates every gland and lubricates every joint. Classes are taught at all levels and features many different forms of yoga


Ger ready to merengue, salsa, cumbia, and reggae-ton your way to a fitter you! Ditch the workout! Join the party!

* Denotes classes for intermediate to advanced participants.