We have a half-court basketball area right next to our weight room. It is surrounded by a 10-foot chain link fence that provides a playground effect. This regulation half-court with glass backboard and pro hoop allows anyone to shoot around as a warm up or cool down. You can also get a pick- up game going or do some three-on-three. Please click here to read our rules for basketball.

Pointe Fitness basketball half court areaMembers enjoying a game of basketball at Point Fitness basketball center

Cardio Area

Our expansive cardio area has been designed for lots of capacity. We always want to be sure that we have plenty of equipment for our members to use when they arrive. You will find top-of-the-line treadmills and ellipticals in addition to our other cardio selections. One thing that we want you to count on is a quick, convenient and thorough workout.

Treadmills, just one of the many machines at Pointe Fitness cardio centerPoint Fitness cardio center, come check out our treadmills, stairclimbers and more


Pointe Fitness has three complete circuit lines! When you’re in a hurry the last thing you want to do is wait for a piece of gear to free up. This capacity gives us an advantage over nearby gyms. You will almost never have to wait. One more thing that you will find is a 2,000 sq. ft. artificial turf personal training area, which is perfect for a warm-up, set of calisthenics.

Our 2,000 sq ft training area makes sure that you never have to wait to use a machineCome check out our circuit lines, the first of it's kind, located in South East MichiganOur spacious personal training area makes getting to the machine of your choice no hassel

Fitness Room

Your membership fees include every fitness class that is on our class schedule. Most of the classes are held in our special fitness room that has its own heat and air conditioning unit to keep you comfortable as you work out. The fitness room also has a 70% shock absorbent wood floor, which makes all of the workouts less stressful on you.


Our gym features a 4,000 sq. ft weight room featuring over sixteen pieces of Hammer strength weights. We have two dumbbell sets, which are four racks of dumbbells that run up to 120 lbs! You will also find a variety of benches, cable stations, York Squat racks with a deadlift Platform and three complete (over 31 pieces) weight circuits from Nautilus, Bodymasters and Magnum.

Our 4,000 sq ft weight room includes over sixteen pieces of Hammer strength weightsOur four dumbbell racks, that run up to 120 lbs, make working out a breeze, no matter you strength or intensityOver 31 pieces of weight circuits fit into any routine you may please


We have a large collection of rowing machines, more than you will find in any facility outside of a boathouse. Pointe Fitness offers some of the best guidance available anywhere. Rowing is a fantastic cardio exercise that provides a complete workout. You can find members of the Detroit Boat Club, the Detroit Women’s Rowing Association and Grosse Pointe South and North rowing teams training here.


On our Fitness Schedule you’ll find Spinning Classes. This is a popular cardio activity that requires little finesse to participate in. Our Spinning classes are taught in a private studio that features a great sound system and experienced, enthusiastic instructors. Spinning is an awesome sport for the beginner along with the most experienced participant. Our Spinning room has brand new bikes.

If weights aren't your thing, we also have many classes available, including spin class, which is easy on the joints