The largest, Privately owned facility in the area and a true training facility.

We are not a recreation center or commercial Health Club.We have over 20,000 sq.ft. of the best equipment personally selected for it’s effectiveness.Extra amenities include half court basketball, DMC’s Sports Academy and physical rehabilitation, a separate Spinning studioThe best equipment allows for the best workout.

Easy and convenient location.

Easy to get to and easy to use. Central to Grosse Pointe and Harper Woods,a brief ride down I-94 from St. Clair Shores or Detroit.

Private Drive with enclosed, well lit parking surrounded by neighborhoods and parks.

Our Staff Closely monitors our Parking lot using Digital TV Cameras that Scan the entire area.Entry lanes to the gym are designed to screen and pin point anyone entering our area that isn’t a member. We are located directly across the street from the Harper Woods Police Station. We have a number of members from law enforcement.

Reasonably Priced.

Not to high or too low.We stay away from the tread of gyms offering ultra cheap memberships.The cheaper a gym membership is the more crowded a gym gets the more difficulties occur, that’s not our style.We have reasonable add-on rates.- We believe in recruiting new members but not pressuring or tricking people into buying a membership.

Friendly, Familiar and supportive workout environment. O Tolerance toward harassment of any kind.

Please keep your views, religous, political and otherwise to yourself,1/2 our membership is women of all ages. We are diverse in every way; gender, race, religion, age,ability does not matter. What matters is that everybody is entitled to a hassle free workout, from the most experienced to the new-comer. We strictly monitor this to be sure people are comfortable.Everyone is entitled to work out to achieve their personal goals from beginner to bodybuilder. One Owner on site 7 days a week. If you have concerns you know who to go to. Not the case in most big-box gyms that are owned by Wall Street. We have a variety of Classes included in the membership, 30 per week. Our instructors have been with us a long time and are committed and professionals.If you want to try a class but are inexperienced let the instructor know, they will help you with it.

A Great Staff and Great Instructors.

Our Group is knowledgeable and friendly and have a true passion for working out. They’re eager to share what they know with the membership and those that take their classes.

Consistent Staff.

Tracy, our Group Fitness leader has been with us 19 years, Sharon our membership Coordinator, 12 years, Kate, one of our Personal Trainers has been here 10 years, and so on. Our Staff closely watch over our members, answer questions and know who people are and why they’re here at all times.

A Great Membership; here, your membership means something. Everybody watches out for each other.

Unlike a lot of so-called memberships in the big chain gyms Pointe Fitness actually has a membership of professional people that are familiar with each other and help each other out. Having so many members from the surrounding community gives Pointe Fitness a community feel. Pointe Fitness has donated to hundreds of community events and causes. It’s not uncommon for a Pointe Fitness member to turn in an IPOD, wallet, watch or jacket that another member may have forgotten.